Welcome to the World Ocean League Community Platform. This is your space and your place to connect, inspire, create, and invent. This is a space where everyone is welcome to share their opinion, submit their idea and ask questions. We encourage a friendly, open-minded, and respectful discussion.

Preserving our oceans is a huge and complex challenge but we know that together, we can find solutions and technologies that can make a difference. It’s not too late, but we need to disrupt, accelerate, and reinvent the way the ocean conservation community works.

We believe there is an unrealized potential within our global community of students, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and frankly, anyone who cares about the future of the world ocean. We believe that ideation is the first step and it's one of the most efficient tools too.

We support direct action, but we also believe that we all can contribute in a much more efficient, effective way by joining the global ideation process. Let’s use our skills, education and talent to innovate, ask new questions and look for new answers.

Finally, our goal at WOL is to make ocean conservation more inclusive and more connected. We need an exponential change we need a generational breakthrough and that’s why we are inviting everyone to join us. Join the World Ocean League with your friends or colleagues and help us tackle the challenge of saving our ocean.

See you out there!

WOL Team


The WOL Community bridges the gap between our Creators and Innovators through an interactive virtual space. We diligently work to address global challenges by developing a safe ecosystem where everyone is welcome and encouraged to be the best version of themselves. We developed our Community network where each voice is heard, amplified, and molded into a superstar idea that leaves a lasting impact.

Within our Community, everyone plays on the same team to back ocean conservation. To create lasting and powerful influence, we created a unique Community Platform with global participation. Together we discuss ideas, brainstorm, and vote for the best tactics to address current unmet challenges.

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